Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kids day out - Pre-School annual day

It was my younger son's pre-school annual day a weekend before the last week. The kid was always saying something about the annual day celebration with his language.

I got a call from the pre-school principal saying that my ward is participating in an annual day event, I was surprised and excited to know what can be a possible event a two and half year old boy can participate ? The incharge of the school also told me to drop him a day before to the annual day for reharsals for the event. hmmm that was an addition cup of tea for my excitement.

The day has come I went to the school with my son four hours before the event and even that time the school people didn't tell me what is the event my son was participating. I went back to home and got my family along to attend the annual day celebrations.

The very first program in the event was the pre-school kids dance, I should say it was ramp walk. The small little cuties lined up one by one with green colored dress and big fruits softtoys attached to the dress. I first noticed a kid with tomato looked like my ward, started clicking the pic and found I was wrong ;-)I saw another kid with banana toy .. oh yeah it is my son Adhava for sure... I followed him to click few pics.It was really happy day for all of us, and my elder son had a great day too as the school was his ex-school and he did know all of the people around.
Just a quick video from my still camera here:

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