Monday, April 20, 2009

Operation Yezdi Roadking

The Roadking which was posted for sale has been withdrawn from deal and undergoing major service including engine work.
This bike was converted to run on duel fuel (Petrol and Kerosene) by the previous owner, so they have partitioned the older tank internally to contain both the fuels. The partitioned tank now removed from the bike and replaced with a original tank.
As a attempt to correct the slapping noise in the bike's cylinders, the engine has been dismantled and getting serviced.

The initial investigations proved the bike requires change of the cylinder as it is already running on 1mm size. Hence no further reboring is possible. Otherwise the complete engine parts have been sourced and crank has been reset by a professional lathe workshop.
I'm also looking out for a Roadking seat plate as the current one in the bike seems to be bit damaged.

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