Monday, December 07, 2009

1178 kilometer long trip to Kerala

It was excellent experience a 4 day long self driven journey to Kerala state head quarters(Trivandrum) from Tamil nadu state headquarters(Chennai).

I was selling my Yamaha RD350 legendary bike to a keralite as my bike beard the KL number plate. At the same time I promised my friend Shibu that I will handover his Jeep restored by me at his home town. Hence I was in a situation to drive both the vehicles from Chennai to Trivandrum.

There was another purpose on this trip to drop my kids at my hometown hence with the help of my Jeep/RD350 mechanic Bharani I started my longest journey.

The entire trip was covered above 2400kms including return but the 1178kms is the best experience as I was riding the bike or driving the Jeep continually.

Good experience of Bike failures and fix, Jeep thrill and what else met all my good friends one among was Mr.Muthukumar from Coimbatore who restored and possesses huge sum of vintage beauties.

Also met Sajeev, Shinoy and Shibu from Kerala

There was a horrible accident before my eyes in Kerala made my day bit sad as the driver was kill instantly on that incident. It was a Maruti Swift which had to face to fate with road divider and rolled couple of times before landed upside down on the opposite track last lane.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Unfortunate for that L board driver.. Was he driving very fast?

Unknown said...

hi ... my name is sakar panse and i am from pune .. i have been desparately looking for a rd 350 fairing .. i saw on the rd 350 blog that u have one and that you got it made from some one .. my email id is .. if you can contact me that would be really gr8 .. i have been trying to contact you but the page relating to your mail id doesnt open .. anyways if possible do send me a mail ...

smilekapoor said...

Hi Shiva,
I have Rajdoot 175 and have recently had a remake of it.
I am missing it's magnet part.
could you advice me please?

rumba nandri,