Monday, September 29, 2008

Get Tired in TADA

It was another photo trip organised by Chennai Photography Club, the place choosen was TADA, It is a place in bordering state(Andra) with Chennai, TADA is full of rocky terrain covered with thick forest. The trip started from a discussion in CPC yahoo groups and made its way to get materialized as photo trip. We were geared up with our plans expecting to feed greater pictures to our hungry cameras. Yesterday around 4AM in the early morning I woke up after my alarm’s continues wake up calls. As we were planned to go TADA in my jeep and 2 more cars, we had around 13 people in the tour. So we set our target for 5AM to getting out of the city. Early in the morning, we witness the city is already awake before us on a Sunday. The roads were already busy and traffic signals put us behind 15minutes in the schedule. Though we could manage to start around 5:30, and I have seen few guys in the team back footed to sit in my Jeep thinking that the trip may not be as good as they thought in a jeep. Photo Courtesy: RajkumarWe reached TADA after an hour of travel which is around 70kms from Chennai bus terminus, and had our break fast in the village. After our break fast, I quickly removed the Jeep’s top and folded the windshield down. Hurray… now people started noticing some difference in the jeep, that’s were the Jeep show off and actions started. We were again started going toward the TADA water falls also known as Ubbalamdugu Falls or Komba Falls which falls around 15kms from the village we had break fast and the place provides full fun for hillocks and hiking.

On the way to the forest I showcased some extreme offroad stunts with my jeep, after the stunt, man… I noticed all are almost became Jeep fans.

After brief offroading the jeep had issues with the clutch and we had to correct over selves as in the deep forest with no one to help. Then the group started moving towards the falls which is on the top of the hills, I thought the trip will have lots of walking but wrong, It was too much of hiking. One can really burn the fat much faster than they can do in a modern gymnasium. I have started feeling muscles pain and sweat everywhere in the body. But the ambition to reach the top kept me going, we crossed the water ways couple of times during the ascending path, Discussion with many visitors in the uphill path proved most are from Chennai. The running water was too clean and it was crystal clear and we could see the small fishes in large counts. The moment we put our foot in the water, the small fishes start biting us, many of those people climbing upwards took rest near the water ponds and started taking fish kissing therapy.

Finally we reached the top and man… it was a disappointment as not much of water in the falls, a lean water flows from the hills like water leaking from the tap. Though the ponds created by surrounding rocks had a good swim-mable water stagnation and I enjoyed it to my best.

With few clicks of butterflies, water bodies and the forest we started descending towards the car park area. In general the trip was too good with lots of physical work to the totally stalled information technology person’s body, but I felt real tired and exhausted. The return trip to Chennai was in open jeep with my hair flying on the air... this is the one think always bonds with my passion for opentop jeep. Now it is time for others to realize the fun traveling in jeep and couple of them tried to drive the jeep for short distances.

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

Tada is a very good trekking place- Had been there once