Monday, October 06, 2008

Touring at Trivandrum

It was first time trip to my kids to Trivandrum, though they are half malayalees, they never had chance to visit. My RD350 RTO work made a perfect chance for my family to visit Trivandrum, Kerala.It was a brief trip and not much of tour plans as I was filled up my schedule for RTO work. However, found little space to visit the Zoo with my family. I always liked Trivandrum Zoo due its green nature. Unlike Chennai’s Anna Zoological Park, which is vast and dry, which makes people to get dehydrated, the Trivandrum zoo was maintained very well with lots of trees and it is small.There few varieties of monkeys and caged lion, cheetah, tiger and giraffe are my attracted animals for my kids.The Rynosaurus really took my eyes out and it was freed in its place along with elephant, mongoose and some deer.

The zoo got really lots of hippopotamus; I think they were zoo breaded. There was 2 cute baby hippo with 4 or 5 bigger ones.
This trip also gave us opportunity to see the flower drawings done by Malayalee ladies as part of their onam celebrations.

Though the onam was over 10 days back, the celebrations didn’t get over yet.
Trivandrum was once capital of Travancore kingdom hence lots of palaces in kerala’s own style। These buildings are owned by some govt. bodies for office space and also some are under Archeological department.

Trivandrum also famous for Padmanaba swamy temple, Travancore kingdom's fort, Kovalam beach, Kochu veli beach etc.

But we really had little time to spent in there, so just wound our trip without seeing all of these places. However in the forth coming days we will visit again to explore the places we missed in this trip.

Anyway this trip also turned out to be the first Train trip to my kids, hence they had a real good time in the train for longer journey. I found many times my kids were hanging on the window grill or in the sleeper berth.

Trivandrum is around 910kms from Chennai where we stay hence it is 15hours of trip filled with kids fun.

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