Monday, November 13, 2006

Essential application tools – Japan visitor

Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation tools – Initially I used Babelfish, Yahoo and Google translation tools to run my life with minimal communication to my colleagues in the work place. Later our company provided Atlas 2006 a translation tool from Fujitsu, a must have stuff it converts web pages and inbox content automatically in a single click. For those who cannot afford the tool can still use the online translation tools mentioned above, what you need to copy and paste regularly. However both the online and software based translation tools are not 100% good but its better know something. The online tools could be reached from the below URLs:

World Clock – It’s again useful for a foreigner visiting Japan. It makes life easy and makes you aware of your home country time to enable you calling and chatting etc. – A website that makes you to login to many chat application online without being the messenger software installed in the computer. Many companies here are not allowing people to install the messenger applications. This makes really a handicap feeling as our only communication is the messengers which enable us to chat with our friends when you can’t able to speak to a person next to you.

Weather indicator – You can obtain one of the many available weather tickers to your computer to know the outside weather. These tools can even help you deciding on your dress for the next day and to carry the umbrella etc.

Currency converter – You can probably depend on to know the current or conversion rates for the currencies of your nation and Japan vice versa

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