Monday, November 13, 2006

What will you get for 100 yens?

Actually you can get more for every 100 yens you spent on a 100 yen chain shops in Tokyo. There are 3 different categories of these 100 yen shops. The first category is the common one that sells utility items like vessels, bags, umbrellas, bottles, gardening items and stationary etc. Not only that even tea sets, couple of chopsticks and make up kit are also part of their product lines available for sale.

I was always a great fan of 100 yen shops as it provides some value for money. In 100 yen shop one can even take personal clothing and foot wear also. The most attractive stuffs in the 100 yen shops are the hardware tools. I always wanted to carry as much as them with me while going back to India. Unfortunately the baggage weight may jump double if I do that, hence couldn’t buy most of them.

The second category is the shop 99, this is also a kind of 100 yen shop but for food articles. Like a normal grocery shop. Many of the items are with in 100yens, but they do sell some items above 100 yens you can find the price tag for those items listed in the racks. This is where I used to buy thing to run my life in Japan. If you are worried about staying in Japan with cost effectiveness find a place where you can get all these 100 yen shops nearby.

The third category is not so popular and finding them may turn puzzle game played experience to you. These are the shops which are not available in many places but if you search for it in major shopping areas, you may find these shops inside another shop. They normally share the space with another shop I guess, to provide you the best rate for the items. I prefer to buy the souvenirs from this 100 gift shops. They have plenty of options for souvenirs like Japanese stone lanterns, laughing Buddha, Japanese ceramic items, the traditional masks, small dolls, Lucky cats and so on. Don’t worry they do provide minimal electronic and electrical items for 100 yens like Torches, Cigarette lighters, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, clocks and calculators. One of the 100 Gift shop I found is near the Electronic town exit of Akihabara. I could purchase some articles from this shop for 100 yens which was tagged more than 1,200 yens in Tokyo tower and Asakusa shopping areas.

If you are a person who is not a brand specific shopper, then the 100 yen shops are the digest you are looking for.

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