Monday, January 19, 2009

Holidays and Time - best combination

Seasons Greetings! I hope every one had a party time during the festivals.

I had fun filled holiday time celebrating Deepam, New Year and Pongal festivals. As the festivals brings holidays, I took at most privilege to use the festival to enjoy myself in the way I like.

Had lots of time to start my Old moped, It was really chilling experience to drive the 30 years old moped on the road. It was not in starting condition initially and the holidays really came first hand help to do the mechanical service. This moped is called “Suvega” and manufactured in India y India Mopeds limited.

For those who don’t know what is pongal festival? It is a festival for harvesting formers in Tamilnadu. This is the most celebrated festival among Indians. As I’m being half former (?), as matter of fact we did harvest the rice and celebrated the pongal festival in the farm fields. My juniors were enjoyed their time in the farm, here is the picture of them carrying sugar cane.
One can never forget his school life, isn’t? I’m no exception, last week my elder son wanted me to show him the schools I studied during my childhood. What else I want; having a good reason to visit the schools, I geared up with in my Yamaha RX100 along with my son to the schools.

I was really unforgettable half a day to spend in the recent past, I recalled nearly 12 years of my life in the span of few hours. The primary school below here is where I studied from 1st standard to 10th standard; it was called Danish Mission Hr. Sec. School. It was built around 110 years back by Denmark missionaries and the red building behind me is a land mark in my hometown.
The colorful school here below is where I did my Higher Secondary level (+1 and +2 or 11 th and 12th Standards) schooling. Though it was a government school I really can’t forget the two years I studied in here, I thank to my son for giving me this opportunity to visit my schools after a long interval.
With my Jeep friend and three jeeps, We have visited Jawadhu Hills for Off the Road trip. We met near Chengam where my farm is located and proceed to move towards the incline route of Jamunamaruthur from Paramananthal Village.
We encountered to see a Haina just few foots from my Jeep, before I click any picture the creature escaped into the dark jungle.

I'm sure my friends had nice time driving through the forest land, we had a water crossing sport entertained with the Jeep.

Out of the three jeeps, my friend Utkarsh's jeep won the Jeep of the day title by flying on the air in one of the incline from the water front. I literelly seen the girl sitting in the rear seat fly on the air.

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