Monday, January 05, 2009


Yeah, you got it right. I drive the classic bike JAWA 250, it roars even after 35 years of it's birth, elder than my age.

First I got admired to the dual thumb out of the twin silencers that came out from single cylinder, then fell in adamant to own one.

I remember in my school days, one of my Physical Education master used to drive the JAWA bike which was iconic for the sound next to the Royal Enfield Standard bullet driven by my head master.

My dream was fulfilled only when I reached 30years of age, not that JAWA 250 affordability issue in fact they are economically cheaper to own but finding one in great shape is the issue. Also I was not keen in restoring this bike considering my previous experiences in restoring Jeeps and Yamaha Rd350, I know the pain involved in sourcing the parts.
So, the decision of opting a fully restored genuine JAWA 250. My search for this bike enlighten me of many yezdi model B bikes being faked and sold as JAWA 250. Luckily my little automobile knowledge helped me getting out of the fake market.

Early in the year 2008, I landed a photo album of Orkut site with a beautiful JAWA bike's picture posted in there. I did know that it was my future JAWA bike, as I set my goal to make that mine.
Today, that JAWA is standing on my Orkut album carrying ownership name as mine. ;-) This bike is not part of my primary automobiles parked at my home and I drive it very often.
The garage picture above shows my JAWA 250 parked along side my Mahindra Classic, Yamaha RD350 and Suzuki Estilo, many of my previous JAWA 250 visits were blogged in my Travel Blog (you may wish to visit)

This is my bike, I call it as "RIDER" ofcourse it roars well. But the ""ROARING RIDER" is a name of our local JAWA/YEZDI club, it is a coinsident. Apart from my RIDER aka. JAWA 250, I do own a Yezdi D250 Classic model. More information about the Yezdi also will feature in this blog.

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