Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gemini Circus

It was a call made by the family buds to go to the Circus. I knew that my 1st son watches advertisements in the TV and News paper, but he also started grabbing what is happening in the city.

As the last four days was holiday due to weekend and Chinese New Year (working for Asia Pacific operations of a Pharma client) I decided to take them to the Circus. It is almost after two decades after my last visit to a circus, incidentally this is again to the same Gemini Circus whom I visited last.
I remember my childhood seeing the sky where one can see the halogen focus light beam being flashed in the clouds from the circus tents to draw attention from the public. We used to go as a group lead by our teachers in the school. The main attraction in the circus was always the animals. As I my home town had no Zoological park, at that time circus is the only platform to witness the wildlife under human supervision.

Though the recent legal notes are banning such animals in circus, still elephants, parrots and dogs are allowed to show off.

I felt expect the ban on animals nothing changed, I told myself after seeing the tents and the sign boards Gemini Circus had near the venue. In fact, for my best I could even recognize few of the circus artist faces (believe me I told this to my wife in the event when I saw them).

It was great feeling when entering to the circus tent; it was like entering into the past days in the time craft. Oh man… how fast I have grown to become older. The entire day was recalling me to the old days reminding all my childhood circus visits.
The auditorium made on cloth tent also was amazing and reminds the same old model, nothing changed expect me. I was trying to capture those circus moment but even before my camera was put on, there was an announcement not to click pictures of the circus.

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