Sunday, February 08, 2009

Submerged JAWA

It was how the last flood in chennai affected my JAWA. Luckily nothing went wrong in the bike after the water drained.
I took the bike and washed it, opened the clutch case and drained 2 liter of water and atleast half liter from the cylinder.

The magnetto side is no exception, 1 liter of water to minimum measurement. I had to clean both the side of the engine with force water and sprayed excessive amount of petrol on it. Not to forgot I also used the hair dryer to dry the water before applying the petrol.

Removal of exhaust pipes showed little more water from the bike and cleaned it too. After inputting fresh transmission lubricant oil I also cleaned the carburetor and air filter. Thats it with hundreds of kicks with fresh petrol on the tank allowed the bike to start and the rest is known story as the bike runs smoother than before ;-)


About Me : said...

Hey it was lik u rescued a priceless machine..

About Me : said...

I really cud not see the Jawa submerged pic...