Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vedanthankal - Bird Sanctuary

This is not an experience happened last weekend but 2 months back, I visited one of the largest Bird sanctuary in Tamilnadu called Vedanthangal. Basically it is a natural lake taken over by foreign birds for nesting during their hatching season.
The birds fly all the way from other side of the world such as America to Vendanthangal for nesting, I also wondered why do we call these birds foreign birds as the birth place for all these birds are here right in front of my eyes.

The Wikipedia gives good information about Vedanthangal here:
I took the kiddies in my family for bird watching, you know what the place was populated with Pelicans, Painted strokes, Variuos Herons and so on.Though shooting of these birds with point and shoot cameraI is almost impossible and atleast one needs 500mm zoom camera. Since I had my Nikon Binocular I could manage the bird watching with it. Kids enjoyed them too, my 2 and half year old Adhava took full possesion of the binocular during the trip ;-)The sanctuary had few watching towers for the viewers comfort and it was in the middle of a village, hence the full landscape was looking beautiful and green, Yeah the water was no exception for the green color.This place is located very closed the Tamilnadu state capital Chennai and an hour drive will show you the sanctuary. I recommend who ever visit to this place to carry a binocular however if you don't have one for yourself you can hire them outside the sanctuary.

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