Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thailand Tourism - Endorsed

Today is another baby's day out. Me and the kiddos at home have paid visit to the Chennai Trade center.
You must be asking me what was there? yes, the Chennai trade center is largest exhibition infrastructure in Chennai.
Today it was Tourism related exhibition by Thailand Tourism board. What a beautiful country it is, I have decided to visit Thailand very soon.The people of that country is beautiful. I like their buildings, dance and people. What more is required to get attracted for a country. I'm for game, Thailand is in my top list for country to be visited.
The special Thailand cultural dance program organized in the exhibition attracted many people. What a pretty girls the Thailand females.
Kids got replica of reptiles such as crocodile and snake. They looked almost realistic and many at the exhibition hall wondered how the kids carried such a deadly reptiles.
There were couple of other stalls, one of such stall demonstrated how to add the flowers into string in a nice way to the visitors.
outside the exhibition hall, the sponsers installed the kids play area and yeah it was sure a blast for my kids.Alongside the Thailand exhibition, the Indian Tourism Industry also put up stalls for various Indian states and their regional attraction. This part of the trade center was more colorful with the stalls organized with replicas of their special building architectures.
Also, the creative designing of the few hotel resorts and holiday clubs proved it to attract kids.


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