Monday, July 20, 2009

Visiting scrap yard

After a short break at the newly opened McDonald outlet in Anna Nagar along with my son here in Chennai I was visiting the local Army scrap yard last weekend with my friends and my son searching for few Jeep parts.In fact the parts we searched are for a Ex-Army (scrapped) Mahindra MM 550XDB Jeep.

What a sight on the scrap yard, we have witnessed a wide range of military vehicles scraped in the yard.My friend Shibu from Dubai had a very interesting visit as the scrap yard offered a wide range of military application exhibition.
I was impressed to see a tank like armored vehicle with huge tires. If I have chance I would like to at least sit inside the vehicle and feel how the army personal drive the giant tank.
The complete Army recovery vehicles are impressive with the Power Take Off winch to operate the recovery gears. Shibu took a quick picture infront of the recovery vehicle.

The sakthiman truck's gearbox gave a feast, we got to see the close look of the sakthiman truck's gearbox with 3 drive shafts and 1 sproket to drive PTO unit. One of the drive shaft powered the gearbox from engine and two were used for front and rear wheel movements.

After a brief time we extended our farewell to the open Army Scrap Yard.


Anonymous said...

Hi shiva, Can u pls tell me where is this scrap yard in chennai. i am from trivandrum and will be visiting Chennai this october to see my old school freinds from St. johns, besant nagar. pls email me

Anonymous said...

hi shiva,am from coimbatore and very much interested in the army gypsys.Could u pls inform the location of the scrap yard or some vendor u might know so that i too can have my share of fun in offroading.Pls mail to


Anonymous said...

can u send the location of this place to help is really appreciated

naresh srinivasan said...

Am very much interested please contact me in 9941111065