Friday, July 18, 2008

Making me SWEET

There are lots of ideas to have a sweet people appearance. Though I didn't come out with a single solution that could be followed. Afternoon time yesterday, the office boy walked into the cabin and called everyone for a birth day party. We all jumped with joy to grab our piece of cake, me a sweet lover got closed all the work off way and run to the breakout area for the b'day party. Normally people who got birthday will know it is for them so they can either excited to celebrate and scared get attacked by birthday bumps.
It was my official birthday ;-) yesterday (as my records says 17/July as birthday), hmm as it is not my real birthday I often do anything to make that day special. Hence I really forgot 17/07, I only realized when the whole team asked me to cut the cake. This is not a surprise but for sure kind of scary event I know what is going to happen next.

I wondered some times how to appear sweet to people I face, but I realized the easy way after cutting the cake yesterday. It also make sense to think this way, probably I have many people in the team who really waiting for chances to attack me like this.