Friday, July 31, 2009

Mitsubishi Cedia Great Driving Challenge - Surprise

While many of you are aware and supported me for the TGDC by your votes and testimonials, we were lost at the 2nd round and couldn't make it to the top12.

To be honest I was really not sure what is the selection criteria, but I really appreciate the organizers of the even for a successful handling of the TGDC.

After I came to know that our names were not included in the TGDC top12 list, disappointment was too high on my mind and after few days I really accepted the reality that only 3 people can drive in the challenge. Me and My wify was talking about this for 2 days after seeing top12, the slowly got into our business.
Today when I came back from office, kids showed me 2 parcels and I didn't know what was inside parcel as there was no information about the orgination. I slowly opended the parcel and found a beautify ladies watch, and the second parcel contained a smart Timex gents watch.
Both the watch boxes had TGDC logo and hurray now we are bit happy. Thanks to TGDC.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thailand Tourism - Endorsed

Today is another baby's day out. Me and the kiddos at home have paid visit to the Chennai Trade center.
You must be asking me what was there? yes, the Chennai trade center is largest exhibition infrastructure in Chennai.
Today it was Tourism related exhibition by Thailand Tourism board. What a beautiful country it is, I have decided to visit Thailand very soon.The people of that country is beautiful. I like their buildings, dance and people. What more is required to get attracted for a country. I'm for game, Thailand is in my top list for country to be visited.
The special Thailand cultural dance program organized in the exhibition attracted many people. What a pretty girls the Thailand females.
Kids got replica of reptiles such as crocodile and snake. They looked almost realistic and many at the exhibition hall wondered how the kids carried such a deadly reptiles.
There were couple of other stalls, one of such stall demonstrated how to add the flowers into string in a nice way to the visitors.
outside the exhibition hall, the sponsers installed the kids play area and yeah it was sure a blast for my kids.Alongside the Thailand exhibition, the Indian Tourism Industry also put up stalls for various Indian states and their regional attraction. This part of the trade center was more colorful with the stalls organized with replicas of their special building architectures.
Also, the creative designing of the few hotel resorts and holiday clubs proved it to attract kids.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yesss! We have made it to the TOP 100 winner's list on the Mitsubishi-Cedia Great Driving Challenge.

It was great day today after I saw the site. Our names were listed as part of the top 100 selection list that was announced. Yaaahooooo! It was a great way of presenting the topper list, the organizers arranged selection list hidden behind the announcement (each letter to hide one couple on the announcement), I thought I will be in the last few letters if at all we were selected, hence started to looking at all the pictures from bottom to top. To my surprise our profile was hidden behind the letter "E" in the first line itself.

I must thank you for all your support. We're too much excited to Drive the 3000 kilometer challenge. I'm hoping our application get selected for the top 3 so we get the chance. Anyway we still have one more stage to cross. Keep supporting us, till we complete the drive challenge.

Please come and visit us on the winner's gallery

Monday, July 20, 2009

Visiting scrap yard

After a short break at the newly opened McDonald outlet in Anna Nagar along with my son here in Chennai I was visiting the local Army scrap yard last weekend with my friends and my son searching for few Jeep parts.In fact the parts we searched are for a Ex-Army (scrapped) Mahindra MM 550XDB Jeep.

What a sight on the scrap yard, we have witnessed a wide range of military vehicles scraped in the yard.My friend Shibu from Dubai had a very interesting visit as the scrap yard offered a wide range of military application exhibition.
I was impressed to see a tank like armored vehicle with huge tires. If I have chance I would like to at least sit inside the vehicle and feel how the army personal drive the giant tank.
The complete Army recovery vehicles are impressive with the Power Take Off winch to operate the recovery gears. Shibu took a quick picture infront of the recovery vehicle.

The sakthiman truck's gearbox gave a feast, we got to see the close look of the sakthiman truck's gearbox with 3 drive shafts and 1 sproket to drive PTO unit. One of the drive shaft powered the gearbox from engine and two were used for front and rear wheel movements.

After a brief time we extended our farewell to the open Army Scrap Yard.