Saturday, October 25, 2008

Multi Utility Vehicle

This is what I would like to call as mechanical wonder. I’ve already developed a greater level of belief that the Tractors are the true utility vehicles. In fact multi utility vehicle term is best suited for the tractor.

The tractors can pull the aircraft, work in farm, tow huge trailers loaded with tons of goods, generate air compression for bore well equipment and so on. Today due to the heavy rainfall in the dry Chennai city, most of the streets and localities are flooded. You know what, tractors were in action pumping out the water from residential areas.WoW… I didn’t know really how the PTO like attachment in the differential could rotate the pump when the tractor was stationed in a static location but it was pumping out huge amount of water.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sailing in Bay of Bengal

It was an unforgettable day yesterday, around noon I got a call from my Jeep Thrills club friend (Mr.Patrick) inviting me to join with him for the coaching session for his son, who incidentally a national champion in sailing competition. Pat is professionally a petroleum rig engineer and also got handful of adventure sport experiences.

I couldn’t say no to this opportunity; hence I promised him that I would join after my work hours. After noon around 3PM I visited the Chennai Port Trust campus, which is one of the largest harbors of India. Pat had organized all my entry procedure well before my arrival so I didn’t have much hassle in getting into the harbor. From the time Pat invited me, I was thinking I will be sitting in a compound wall on the shore watching the sailing of kids but my assumption was wrong, I realized it after meeting Pat.

Pat received me with smile at his face, and asked me if I have shorts and chapels to wear, as I was from office I wasn't prepared. Then we deposited all my stuffs in the clock room and Pat took my mobile phone with him in a polythene cover. After wearing life jacket we straight moved to the boat jetty that is directly on the harbor front. So many varieties of sailor’s boats were on the jetty. I never knew till I saw them that Chennai got such a facility for the sailing practice.Pat’s elder son is a champion in under 15years old category; hence yesterday was coach time for under 15 year old kids, along with 2 more champions too. ohhhh there were around 6 kids floating on the harbor water in a small sailing boats while the massive ships were crossing here and there. I heard the towing ships honk at them for asking way for exiting ships.We gathered in a motorboat and towed the sailors(kids) to the sea, while Pat measured the wind direction and speed with his instruments. I had nice chat with him to know about the nautical miles and measurement sitting next to him.

It was amazing to see those kids performing at the sea, WoW! What a physical and mental exercise to be on the boat the kids needs to concentrate on the wind direction, compete with fellow sailor, tide, sail, boat, the direction and remove the water which got into the boats. I have listed very few here, as my knowledge in sailing is ZERO. The kids raced themselves on the sea and they beat each other with many techniques thought to them by the coach. They are simply awesome and I envy not to be with them in their generation.

While the kids in coaching session, I observed my first every sailing experience on the sea watching the scenery around me. I didn’t carry my camera, but couldn’t resist asking Pat to give my camera mobile from the polythene cover and clicked few pictures. It seemed the massive ship which passed us some time back had traveled to the end of horizon touching the rainbow edge. Unfortunately my mobile got a tiny camera, which couldn’t capture it that well as I noticed. Since yesterday was rainy day we had some shower at the boat but that didn’t stop the kids practicing the adventure sport.
All my life, I was seeing the Bay of Bengal with black color water, but yesterday after crossing a little distance first time I witnessed bluish water in the sea.

Around 2 and half hours of floating we returned to the shore and had some snacks. I took farewell from Patrick who is also a member of Tamilnadu Sailing Association. During my discussion with Pat, I was informed that the association also organizes corporate trips to have sailing experience. hmmm added into my list of team outing plans.Thanks to Patrick for giving me the opportunity for the first time sailing experience on the sea.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Touring at Trivandrum

It was first time trip to my kids to Trivandrum, though they are half malayalees, they never had chance to visit. My RD350 RTO work made a perfect chance for my family to visit Trivandrum, Kerala.It was a brief trip and not much of tour plans as I was filled up my schedule for RTO work. However, found little space to visit the Zoo with my family. I always liked Trivandrum Zoo due its green nature. Unlike Chennai’s Anna Zoological Park, which is vast and dry, which makes people to get dehydrated, the Trivandrum zoo was maintained very well with lots of trees and it is small.There few varieties of monkeys and caged lion, cheetah, tiger and giraffe are my attracted animals for my kids.The Rynosaurus really took my eyes out and it was freed in its place along with elephant, mongoose and some deer.

The zoo got really lots of hippopotamus; I think they were zoo breaded. There was 2 cute baby hippo with 4 or 5 bigger ones.
This trip also gave us opportunity to see the flower drawings done by Malayalee ladies as part of their onam celebrations.

Though the onam was over 10 days back, the celebrations didn’t get over yet.
Trivandrum was once capital of Travancore kingdom hence lots of palaces in kerala’s own style। These buildings are owned by some govt. bodies for office space and also some are under Archeological department.

Trivandrum also famous for Padmanaba swamy temple, Travancore kingdom's fort, Kovalam beach, Kochu veli beach etc.

But we really had little time to spent in there, so just wound our trip without seeing all of these places. However in the forth coming days we will visit again to explore the places we missed in this trip.

Anyway this trip also turned out to be the first Train trip to my kids, hence they had a real good time in the train for longer journey. I found many times my kids were hanging on the window grill or in the sleeper berth.

Trivandrum is around 910kms from Chennai where we stay hence it is 15hours of trip filled with kids fun.