Sunday, August 09, 2009

Date with Rolls Royce only for Rs.5000

A Date with Rolls Royce only for Rs. 5000 - This is what I felt seeing a beautiful and dream only Rolls Royce standing outside a mobile handset selling shop in Chennai. The retail mobile outlet is a branch of country wide chain store that only sells the mobile handsets.

For the past few days I didn't miss to spot the Rolls Roys chassed by cyclist, motorist and even the autorickshaw drivers here in Velachery. I was always in an impression that the RR was bought by "Mobile Store" owner and he visits this shop. But today I wanted to go closer and take few snaps of the car.

I was surprised to hear from the "Mobile Store" guys this car is for our esteemed customer, !!!?. He said if anyone purchases above Rs.5000 worth stuffs from the shop they will be taken for a joy ride in the ultra super Rolls Royce. Huh Rs.5000 purchase will let me take a RR ride, Why not?

After seeing this car and hearing the reason behind the car standing outside the "Mobile Store", I went and searched internet and found few westerner's post about this RR( They are mad and it shows their attitute looking at Indian secne at a wrong view point.

They must realize the fact that the Indian entrepreneurs treat their customers 5STAR category ;-)