Monday, April 20, 2009

Yezdi items

I have collected few items over the weekend, which are intend to be sold. I'm obviously added a small margin for my restoration work. Hence let me know if someone is interested in the following items

Yezdi Roadking tank with dual fuel partition (Petrol and Kerosene)

Yezdi D250 Classic type petrol tank
I still have brand new rear mudguard, engine gear components for Jawa, Yezdi and Roadking bikes and other assorted items.
Front mudguard for Model B
Cylinder for JAWA and CDI for Road king with few pistons of IPL make.
My kids got attracted by the Roadking's seat plate. Hmmm it took sometimes for me to get it out of their hands.

The other JAWA/Roadking/YEZDI items that I own:

Yezdi rear mudguard [1]
Yezdi front mudguard [1]
Yezdi magnetto and coil assy (used) [2]
Yezdi classic tank [1]
Yezdi Roadking dual fuel tank [1]
JAWA seat lock screw [10]
Yezdi/JAWA clutch adjuster screw [3]
JAWA/Yezdi kicker shaft [3]
JAWA/Yezdi kicker/gear lever [1]
JAWA break shoe [1]
JAWA bore piston kit (IPL piston) std size brand new [1]
JAWA Clutch rods [7]
Roadking clutch rods [10]
JAWA/Yezdi cam [6]
JAWA/Yezdi kicker spring [20]
Yezdi rear foot rest [5]
Roadking 4th oversize MAHLE piston [1]
JAWA/Yezdi kicker rachet [2]
Roadking kicker rachet [2]
JAWA/Yezdi gears [assorted]
JAWA/Yezdi gear rod (small/long) [1]
JAWA yezdi nail key (only key not the ignition assy) [3]
JAWA front footrest rod [2]
Yezdi CLII gasket kits [5]
Yezdi Classic handle bar (yoke attached) [1]
JAWA / Yezdi clutch bell (brand new) [1]
JAWA / Yezdi auto clutch lever [3]
Yezdi quarter chain cover [1]
JAWA air filter (jony walker make) [1]
Diamond sproket set (no chain) [1]
Craftman sproket set (no chain) [1]
JAWA carburator airfilter rubber [3]
JAWA 2nd oversize IPL Piston set [1]
JAWA 2nd oversize PMC piston set [1]
JAWA 3rd oversize PMC piston set [1]
JAWA/Yezdi pinston rings [assorted]
Yezdi D250 Classic - Monogram set [1]
Yezdi Roadking side shield monograms [1]
Roadking CDI [2]
JAWA/Yezdi speedo cable [5]
Yezdi tail lamp holder plate [1]
JAWA/Yezdi/Roadking front hub steel plate [1]
JAWA/Yezdi/Roadking silencer muffler end cup [10]
JAWA rear foot rest= yezdi style [2]

Operation Yezdi Roadking

The Roadking which was posted for sale has been withdrawn from deal and undergoing major service including engine work.
This bike was converted to run on duel fuel (Petrol and Kerosene) by the previous owner, so they have partitioned the older tank internally to contain both the fuels. The partitioned tank now removed from the bike and replaced with a original tank.
As a attempt to correct the slapping noise in the bike's cylinders, the engine has been dismantled and getting serviced.

The initial investigations proved the bike requires change of the cylinder as it is already running on 1mm size. Hence no further reboring is possible. Otherwise the complete engine parts have been sourced and crank has been reset by a professional lathe workshop.
I'm also looking out for a Roadking seat plate as the current one in the bike seems to be bit damaged.