Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Vacation in NorthEast India - Part 2 (Visiting Mr.UBS)

Here is the view of Howrah bridge from our hotel

Honestly speaking self of my family didn't liked the Howrah / Kolkata much for a simple reason, we all find it very hard to locate ATMs in the roads. As a chennaities visiting North/East we thought we can access the ATMs every where but really hard to find in Kolkata and much crowded than we every assumed.

Ofcourse there were good things that changed our perception in the later hours of the day when we visited Mr.UBS house.

I must say the travel to Mr.UBS house was so good to see the street experiences of Howrah. The green colored autos, yellow colored taxis, pedaled rickshaws and people people and people every where.

When we reached a gate opposite to Liluva station in Howrah, there was a rickshaw parked infront of the gate and the Jeep (UBS sir sent a jeep to pickup us from the Hotel) driver ask him to move away. The rickshaw walah opened the door to only show us the Mecca of Jeepers, The JEEP STATION.

My hands couldn't resist clicking photos, my mother warned me I'm clicking pics without getting permission I only told her that the jeeps seen in this compound is what our passion and tonic for the growing interest so UBS will not say anything about it.

After a little walk into the huge compound(my children were already hang on to the play area setup for the school children), we reached what is called the most beautiful house, a eye catching home for jeepers.

If anyone asks us to describe the boundaries of our house, we normally say east with this west with that and... like that. I'm sure if anyone asked UBS to state his house boundary, that is what going to be the typical answer "East side Jeeps, West side Jeep, North side jeeps and South side with some Jeeps". So much of jeeps jeeps and jeeps.

I went on looking at every vehicle parked in the compound while my family already went inside, I heard a voice calling me from outside only to show me the very familiar and warmth smile of Mr.UBS. I was honored and felt really good to be there in Jeep Station.

We had a great lunch with Mr.UBS family and I must say everyone at his house is a replica of him in the hospitality which is a very rare thing to spot on.

After the delicious lunch with special bengali items, Guru took us to show around the house the WWII focus light, his grand father's car with a tail, jeeps and most importantly the world's youngest CJ3B jeep.

I also got an opportunity to look the PTO winch in function and yeah Mr.UBS's most favorite jeep, He also drove it on the ground. My entire family witnessed a great affection towards the jeep.

It was all great movements we experienced in howrah, Mr.UBS sir's son took us to the Sealda station from the hotel room in the evening to drop us to board the train departing towards New Jalpaiguri. He is another great guy and exceeded Mr.UBS in hospitality. Out heartfelt thanks to everyone at Mr.UBS family.

While writing this post, I'm already completed 1 day in Darjeeling, I will write about the details after I get some free time.


to be continued...