Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Vacation in NorthEast India - Part 1 (Kolkata)

It is summer vacation for schools in our region; I have long pending commitment to take the family on a long trip. About a month back self and wify decided this year will visit North East India as we have never been there before and we know the places are exotic on the travelers list.

My family with my parents and my niece are 7 members who claimed to be as part of the trip, so the decision of grand summer vacation tour plotted.

After making all the necessary arrangements by phone, along with the help of Indian Jeep Guru Mr.UBS and another friend Mr.Ken in Darjeeling I have concluded that this trip will be happening soon. Thanks to IRCTC of Indian Railways as the ticket booking is that easy, only thing I need to book the tickets in 25 days in advance.

It was on a Friday 9th April, we started our journey from Chennai Central Railway station on Howrah Mail, and we travelled in a Second Class Sleeper couch just to enjoy the window view of the train. Choosing an A/C compartment denies the access to fresh air and we need to be contained in the dark glass.

It was fun all the way travelling from Chennai to Kolkata by train, It took us around 28hours to reach Kolkata and the trip was fine expect one incident where we got cheated by cheap passage seller who sold cashew nuts to us in the train. The cashew was packed in a neat and hi-class packing with a small window to see the content inside. The pack claimed PAWAN and after carefully looking at the nuts through the window we picked up 5 packs of 500gm each. The seller left the place quietly and later when we opened it, we found it that the pack had complete junk and only the window area they have put clean cashews.

Howrah station was like Chennai central station and looks like built during British time, outside the station yellow colored taxis are seen in huge number. I couldn't take picture today, but sure will post them when I return from the northeast side.

I met Mr.UBS at Howrah station with a warm welcome coming straight down from his humble smile. He was great person with his newly acquired MM540 jeep with A/C we travelled to the hotel. The tour continues…