Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hindu or Non-Hindu

I have been reading about the Dravidian culture for a long time now. As I’m part of the single largest and native Indian society, I started digging the roots of Hindu religion in India.

Indus (Sindu), Hindu, Hindustan, India and Indo are all words referring a river, religion and region or the country in Asia. While all of the above sounds similar, I doubt the nativity of these words as authentic Indian words. The reason being the ones

  1. Hinduism itself a religion brought to India by Aryans (People who travelled from Middle Asia and Europe). I assume this is correct because I found through the old testimonial of Judeo-Christianity about Moses who brought down ten commandments from God in the Mount Sinai and when he got down from Mount Sinai with the commandments, he found his followers were worshiping idols looked like animals, birds and so on. With the same context reading the 2nd commandment which was brought in by Moses says “"Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above..." This prohibits the construction or fashioning of "idols" in the likeness of created things (beasts, fish, birds, people) and worshipping them.” Taking this into consideration, I believe the religion followed by the people on the foot hills of Mount Sinai is none other than Hinduism. As the same people moved towards Indus valley during the later term formed the same religion with the name attached to the valley they stayed. The Ten Commandments itself made for people the religion that followed worshiping animals, birds and people etc which is common in Hinduism.
  2. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are the oldest modern civilization found in ancient India when Pakistan was part of India. This community was called Aryan which was again peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Germany, Iran and Afghanistan. This sets a clear path for my first point that the Hinduism itself a religion brought into India from middle Asia and Europe. As the Aryan community in India dominates the northern region and got lots of similarities in their body color and physiques.
  3. Dravidian is the people who were the original people of the region now called India. Once India was a part of Gondwanaland (which is a combined land mass of Africa, Antarctica, India, Austarlia, South America).According to continental drift theory India broke away from Africa(part of gondwanaland) in permian period of geological time scale and drifted northwards and joined asia(part of Laurasia)....Himalayas are formed on the boundary between India and the Laurasia.(***Plate Tectonics theory also supports this hypothesis), Hence the Dravidian people now who are living in the south of India called Tamilians, Malayales, Kannadika and Telugu people. These people share the same color as Africans; India got almost similar animals like Lions, Tigers, Peacock, and Elephants and so on. Hence this proves that Dravidian people are the original Indians

With the above three theories, looking at Hinduism and its domination in India is only seems like alien religion. If then, what was the religion in India before Aryan’s invasion?

Undoubtedly, it was the nature and king worship. This is proven as even today the south sides of India have many non-Hindu related Gods are worshiped. As per Hinduism the worship of God has been extended by a community of people called Brahmins. Where in the non Hinduism based God worshiping in South India requires no Brahmin community for their God worship. Such Gods are called

  • Karuppu Sami (also known as Sangili karuppan ) - one of the regional Tamil male deities
  • Munishswaran
  • Ayyanar
  • Kaathavarayan Mythological God figure also known as a Warrior Deity
  • Ellai amman
  • Maari
  • Kaateri amman
  • Sudalai Madan or Madan, is a regional non-Vedic Tamil male deity who is popular amongst the least Sanskritized social groups of South India, particularly Tamil Nadu. This deity is very ancient. He seems to have originated in some ancestral guardian spirit of the villages or communities in Tamil Nadu, in a similar manner as Ayyanar.
  • Madurai Veeran (lit.:Warrior of Madurai) is a regional Tamil folk male deity popular in some areas of Tamil Nadu, India. His name suggests an association with the city of Madurai and a warrior past. The deity is also popular amongst certain segments of the Tamil diaspora in RĂ©union and the French overseas territories in the Caribbean Sea. He is known as the son of 'Amman' amongst the South African Tamils.

This states the true side of ancient Indian religion as non idol worships and followed the warriors of various time periods.

I recalled all my collection of data after visiting a Ayyanar temple last weekend ;-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kids day out - Pre-School annual day

It was my younger son's pre-school annual day a weekend before the last week. The kid was always saying something about the annual day celebration with his language.

I got a call from the pre-school principal saying that my ward is participating in an annual day event, I was surprised and excited to know what can be a possible event a two and half year old boy can participate ? The incharge of the school also told me to drop him a day before to the annual day for reharsals for the event. hmmm that was an addition cup of tea for my excitement.

The day has come I went to the school with my son four hours before the event and even that time the school people didn't tell me what is the event my son was participating. I went back to home and got my family along to attend the annual day celebrations.

The very first program in the event was the pre-school kids dance, I should say it was ramp walk. The small little cuties lined up one by one with green colored dress and big fruits softtoys attached to the dress. I first noticed a kid with tomato looked like my ward, started clicking the pic and found I was wrong ;-)I saw another kid with banana toy .. oh yeah it is my son Adhava for sure... I followed him to click few pics.It was really happy day for all of us, and my elder son had a great day too as the school was his ex-school and he did know all of the people around.
Just a quick video from my still camera here: