Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rich man’s dream – Harley Davidson

I had a dream of owning a bike not the one mentioned in title but an Indian freaky idea, the Rajdoot GTS. That dream took almost 22years for me to come to reality. I named my Rajdoot GTS as "china paiyan" which means small boy in Tamil language. Keeping that dream and my small boy aside, I found myself in love with a Fat Boy yesterday but this time I doubt if my dream will come to reality in any point of my life. The simplest reason to state is that the bike which is costlier than all my collection of vehicles, but who cares I can dream right.

Yesterday I got to live few seconds on the Rich Man’s dream the Harley Davidson bike. Man the Harley Davidson Fat Boy model was real stunner and instantly took my attention. What a beauty and what a muscular bike it was? I didn’t think twice to jump on it for a photo pose.

The Fat Boy is equipped with 1600CC V twin engine under the tank; he is real a fat boy.

The stunning chrome parts and full cast alloys were too good; looking at the detailing of stickers on the body, I said to myself, man I should live this dream of a Rich Man. I got to know the price of Fat Boy being 20ish (not thousands but lakhs, may be I should have expressed it like 2million rupees) and half fainted.

Anyway I was assured by my friend who owns this HD and another custom build HD with a similar engine capacity that he will lend his bike for a long ride. Hurray I can now really dream of living ah no no riding richman’s dream.