Monday, February 23, 2009

Cultural Dressing and Nature Shopping

It's a new found passion for me to spend time in the form and shopping at the nature's green mall. Oh yeah, last weekend also turned out to be a Cultural Weekend so I wore Traditional Tamilian Wear, the Silk Veistee.

Yet another family get away is what I call the last week’s trip to my home town Tiruvannamalai. Our initial plan is to attend a religious function at the sleepy small town in the north of Tamilnadu and return back to Chennai.

I had to wear the traditional Silk Veistee and Silky with cotton made shirt, I really like and love the dress. Since the function had happen inside the temple, I can’t wear foot wears. In Hinduism foot wears are not allowed inside the temple and one need to walk bare foot in the temple.

As a part of honoring the special people in the temple, they put the string of flowers in to people’s neck like large sized necklace. This time my kids were the VVIPs in the temple, which is actually our family temple.
The plan we made has a flaw as I really didn’t consider adding up visit to my farm, eventually that had happen as in the farm we were harvesting sugar cane. Oh yeah, the name suggest that it is a crop used for producing Sugar, Jaggery, Molasses, ethanol and also for Rum production. We have given the sugar cane to Jaggery makers. As this is my second harvest on the cold winter surrounded past, the yield was not as expected.
Trip to the farm, made me happy as usual, I got to see the budding Jack fruits in one of the tree. Jack fruit is the largest tree grown fruit in the world. Both Jack Fruit and Sugar canes are native Indian plants. They both are cultivated in Warm Tropical lands. I also witnessed the mango in this year going to give very good output, the mango flowers are occupying entire tree and it looked great.
Tamarind, Mangos, String beans, Tender Coconut and few Sugar canes for raw consumption have been plugged out directly from the respective crops. Hence the visit to the farm filled my shopping bag turning the trip as a Nature Shopping Trip.
Opps, the start from the farm showed me the tires of the car got punctured. I got it replaced with the spare wheel and had enough tender coconut to stay away from dehydration issue.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roadking 1994 model sale

I'm selling my recently acquired RoadKing.

This bike got registered in 1994, 3rd ownership is stamped on the RC book. The bike got CDI ignition. Paper wise all clean and it got Life Tax, FC till Aug 2009. Insurance is pending and I leave it to the buyer to take care of it. The bike is Black in color, Running vehicle but few may wanted to consider working on cylinders as little bit of slapping noice is present. it is registered in Tamilnadu. I wish to entertain only people who are genuinly interested in the "For Ever Bike" hence only genuinly interested people please leave your contact number (must) and email id in this comment section.

The pictures of this bike is as shown below:I will for sure contact you guys to discuss further on this deal. I'm Selling this bike due to space constraint at my garage for my latest Trailer that I acquired for the Jeep.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bangalore - A short trip

Though I had a good experience in Bangalore the IT capital of India, where I used to stay few years back. Infact my first son Aditya was born in Bangalore.

I used to travel a lot from and to Bangalore, most of my visits to Bangalore was in Train or in personal transport either by car or bike or jeep. Very rarely I travel by the bus service hence it was rarest incident to see myself in the bus terminus. My last visit to bangalore was to meet few of my friends and I missed my train while returning back to chennai. So I rushed to the bus terminus and got a bus back to Chennai.

Though Bangalore bus terminus is very famous as some one saying it was a lake converted into bus terminus and the place is called Majestic. I never expected a surprise in the terminus but last time it happened.

There was a beautiful old age bus parked in the terminus, it was half lorry (truck) and half bus. I did go close by and clicked few pics of it.
The vintage show piece reminded me of Singapore travel, as I spotted very similar colored old Singapore bust parked near Indian Embassy in Singapore. I think it was a place which head quartered for the Singapore bus service.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Submerged JAWA

It was how the last flood in chennai affected my JAWA. Luckily nothing went wrong in the bike after the water drained.
I took the bike and washed it, opened the clutch case and drained 2 liter of water and atleast half liter from the cylinder.

The magnetto side is no exception, 1 liter of water to minimum measurement. I had to clean both the side of the engine with force water and sprayed excessive amount of petrol on it. Not to forgot I also used the hair dryer to dry the water before applying the petrol.

Removal of exhaust pipes showed little more water from the bike and cleaned it too. After inputting fresh transmission lubricant oil I also cleaned the carburetor and air filter. Thats it with hundreds of kicks with fresh petrol on the tank allowed the bike to start and the rest is known story as the bike runs smoother than before ;-)

Vedanthankal - Bird Sanctuary

This is not an experience happened last weekend but 2 months back, I visited one of the largest Bird sanctuary in Tamilnadu called Vedanthangal. Basically it is a natural lake taken over by foreign birds for nesting during their hatching season.
The birds fly all the way from other side of the world such as America to Vendanthangal for nesting, I also wondered why do we call these birds foreign birds as the birth place for all these birds are here right in front of my eyes.

The Wikipedia gives good information about Vedanthangal here:
I took the kiddies in my family for bird watching, you know what the place was populated with Pelicans, Painted strokes, Variuos Herons and so on.Though shooting of these birds with point and shoot cameraI is almost impossible and atleast one needs 500mm zoom camera. Since I had my Nikon Binocular I could manage the bird watching with it. Kids enjoyed them too, my 2 and half year old Adhava took full possesion of the binocular during the trip ;-)The sanctuary had few watching towers for the viewers comfort and it was in the middle of a village, hence the full landscape was looking beautiful and green, Yeah the water was no exception for the green color.This place is located very closed the Tamilnadu state capital Chennai and an hour drive will show you the sanctuary. I recommend who ever visit to this place to carry a binocular however if you don't have one for yourself you can hire them outside the sanctuary.