Sunday, December 26, 2010

End of Summer Vacation in NorthEast India - Part 18

While the wound created a strong scar in our mind at Kalighat, most importantly the person who played the most fraudulent role (shop keeper) we bid adieu to Kolkata in the next day.

Just in case if anyone visiting Kolkata and Kali temple please see the picture below and if you happen to see this person, don't even think of stopping there.

Then there was some good moments too, I had an opportunity to catch up with a folk music performed in a popular night life spot in the city at "The Park". Man that was some fusion with western and folk combination. Before the folk fellows got in to the stage I got a glimpse of their rehearsals in a smoky room. After enjoying the music, I addressed the tour as a complete package.

I must say before we started our journey back to Chennai once again the family was taken up for a city ride on the prominent yellow taxi, to just roam.

The return journey to Chennai was fixed in a 2A/C to avoid burning in the hot summer travel, the whole day was spent in side the train without much action. The dawn set to dusk to only let us wake up at Chennai in the next morning.

Once again the same scheduled tasks and office travel right from the next monday morning, but then I was surprised to see the grey pelicans at the OMR still roaming around the lake in spite of passing their migratory biological clock, They are here right infront me.

If only I have power to stop, I will surely react to the illegal mining at Megalaya. All I can say contribute anything that you can to save the beautiful earth, avoid climate changes and save wildlife. Like me let the future generation to witness all the beauties of this wonderful country.

See you all at another travelogue, thanks for all your support. Once again special thanks to all the people who helped me getting my trip a successful one.

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