Sunday, October 07, 2012

Summer Vacation in NorthEast India - Part 5 (Tiger Hills & Land Rovers)

esterday evening at around 7:30 I went down from the hotel thinking that I could do some souvenir shopping, no way there was not even a single shop opened at that time. The entire Darjeeling went on hibernation.

With the help of SirAlec I have done so much of Darjeeling visit and today I got my first every LandRover ride that too with a distinct Landrover of SirAlec. I will let him describe the story behind this super smart India's only British Army driven LandRover. I did manage to click few jeep's picture sitting inside the LR.

I have been dreaming of seeing Landrovers and LR rides in Darjeeling, but it is like dream never comes true as most(all) of the LR already departed from Darjeeling soil, but today with the help of SirAlec and his driver my entire family achieved an opportunity to travel in the heritage vehicle.

Kumar the LR driver is a smart and nice gentleman landed in our hotel early morning only to show us the beautiful vehicle he brought, after taking a breath we all jumped into the vehicle and he pushed the vehicle towards tea garden, as we have already seen it yesterday I told him we will directly head towards the Tiger Hills(The peak of Darjeeling).

While we were travelling on the LR we found the Kanjanjunga was clearly visible, I didn't click pictures as I thought taking pictures from Tigerhills will look more beautiful. While we were approaching the Tiger Hills I once again spotted the same LR that was got in to my camera on the very first day working like donkey, here is the clearer picture of the same.

I realized the mistake I did after we reached the Tiger Hills, You know what it was completely covered with a thick blanket of fog, nothing visible around. Only for few minutes we could see some objects from near location, but the Kanjanjunka only left as a wish.

Then there was colorful chap, who realized I'm somewhat fed up as the fog played a spoilsport on my trip. He was sitting quite and posing for me to take all the required pictures of him.

Then I spent some time around SirAlec's LR and captured some good number of pictures , but then we are offroaders and with SUVs we really don't find bored to do anything even if it is a simple photo shoot session.

After a while we rolled our TigerHills trip and visited a Monastery, this one is the oldest monastery in Darjeeling built during 1850. Dalailama visited this monastery by 1993 and really a colorful building.

My wify tried out the prayer wheels in smaller sizes and larger one put inside the monastery.

After getting permission from this Darjeeling ladies, I took their prayer wheel custom picture just to make sure we didn't perform the custom wrongly.

We need to pay Rs.10 per person to take pictures inside the monastery, hence we clicked few individual photos alongside the buddha inside the monastery.

Today we found the entire Darjeeling weather went down multi-fold and it was chilling.

After a little while we went to Batasia a Gurkha Memorial place, it's small park which is surrounded/fenced by toy train railway track with beautiful flowers on it. The center of circle shaped park had a memorial pillar and a jawan's statue.

While we were in the park I located the Toy train approaching us from far away.

The train slowly moved an reached the park and halted for few minutes for the passengers to go around the park, I took this opportunity to click few pictures of the old marvel.

The Batasia made our final destination on the Darjeeling sight seeing plans and we reached a hotel to have lovely chowmein and closed the wonderful Darjeeling experience.

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