Friday, October 13, 2006 history unveils

After posting the last message below, Today [Oct 13, 2006] morning I have started searching the previous history of site downtime. As per yesterday’s issue has been caused by spammers and congested network issue. But I’m still doubtful if it is a spammer issue only the access to the server would have been an issue. But I have seen entirely a different page instead of home page which is well known.

You know and have a bad time in almost every year in October month. See the links below to believe me.

This link says has been hacked on October 25, 2002 which apparently caused a downtime to the site.

This link by an Indian blogger confirms that site was down October 27, 2004.

Well, I wish to grab attention of technical and security experts to investigate this issue on the above angle, this could be an point to be considered to safeguard future October events.

Here comes the question, Is it still safe to use for writting our weblogs. Will there be a security for our efforts writting the blog here ? What if an alternate is chosen say

Hope Google will not let it's users passing away from this place. As not only the October incidents many times the blogger is continuesly unavailable for hours together.

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