Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Information Technology in Japan

We all have heard some or more information about the Japanese and their quality. In fact there are no management studies on the quality without speaking of Japanese and their superior quality consciousness. But if you expect my blog on that scales, I think this is not the content you are looking for.

As an IT employee I do travel abroad once in a while, my recent visit to the Japan made me to alter the kind of impression that I had in my mind all along. Are they really conscious about quality? If yes, then we all must be talking about the Automobile and Electronics of Japanese region. From my point of view Japanese are one of the weakest communities in IT era and they have missed their quality in essential livelihood of an IT nature. Yes, I said IT nature.

Work Culture:
One of the most surprising facts is that the work culture in the Japanese IT companies is nowhere near to India or United States. Why did I tell this, because in many aspect Japanese miss quality in the securing data among internal as well as getting a profession view of a project. Priorities will change very often in real world I have seen some times twice in a day. Synchronization between Japanese employees and foreign employees are not really healthy, as IT field incorporates various time zone into a single line it is a mandatory need for the day.

Project Management:
Misrepresentation of understanding in the project management tasks due to lack of skills in the IT projects. Their way of handling IT project is no way different from their way of managing an Automobile manufacturing.

Internal Communication:
As their way of communication always indent to send all the mails to all the employees of a department makes thing worsen many time. Because there is no privacy for any matter let it is a leave letter from an individual to his boss or communication between a client and a manager regarding future business, all of them will be on a mailing list communication. As we know, IT employees will never be attached to any company for long.

Language Barriers:
I realized the Internet and its usefulness to the world repeatedly many times and here also. As a person from India, we normally speak more than 3 languages as we have 30+ classified languages in our country. However many of our body language speaks the same as the culture among people is easily understandable. While in Japan first time, I really depended on Bablefish of Altavista, Google and Yahoo for my translation purposes. Every time we write some thing and show them and they repeat vis-à-vis. But in a real IT Scenario common language is a must and in Japan that is a great question mark for global community.

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