Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fun in the seaside Odaiba

Two days back, In Tokyo I was taken Yurikamome an un-manned, elevated train with rubber tires that runs to Daiba [literal meaning is fort]. This is the place where Fuji TV broadcasting is happening with lots of tourist attractions.

Daiba is one of a man made island in Japan. For Japanese it’s not a new thing, but rest of the world it is an attraction, as the island was made on top of Bay of Japan. Today Daiba district is one of the most attracted shopping and entertainment area of Tokyo. Here one can enjoy Yachting, Movies, looking at Rainbow Bridge which connects this island to rest of Tokyo, miniature of Statue of Liberty on the shore, Aquatic museum and many more.

When I entered to the Train it was full of fun, as I was taken the first seat of first coach, which supposes to be driver’s seat, since this train run with remotely controlled operations there is no one called driver. However sight seeing from the driver’s seat is really fun. I spot every amazing thing without interruptions and with a smaller digital cam I could almost shoot everything while traveling. The day when I traveled to Daiba also a clear sky day and the sky was blue in color. It took 5 minutes drive from Shimbashi station.

The giant sized clock in the Fuji TV entrance was an attraction, though it was an symbolic representation that we will be running out of time to see all of the interesting stuffs in that area. We were entered into the Fuji TV broadcasting area and have seen the larger studios that they have been used to shot the programs. There is a floor which exhibits the former settings of programs, where one can take photographs sitting on the newscast seat. There are some smaller studio setups which are attraction for kids, as they were allowed to take picture of the cartoon character that acts in their TV serials.

After a while we came out of the studio we went to a shopping mall called Aquacity, opps too much of items to buy, boy you need to have a fortune to buy certain items. The Sony shop and Kiss Jewellery shop are good attraction for youth and ladies. Aquacity is a multiplex sort of building which hosts 13 screen cinemas. There is a special shop which sells items only for adventures travel and sports needs. I had nice time pass by looking at various products they put on display. Later few hours we came out and enjoyed the Mexican music on the air presented by a group of Mexicans and a Westerner’s circus show, I could see those are crowd puller tricks. However these guys were talented. I enjoyed the circus as the guy who presented mixed his talents with lots of humors.

We had an opportunity to see Statue of Liberty the Replica on the Bay of Japan shores, Japanese would have spent more time in creating the replica. It was actually nice one on the sea shore where you can also see the Yachting. There was several giant sized

vintage ship anchors put along side the sea shore. A good photographic opportunity awaited for me. As usual we were taken the Mc. Donalds chicken burger to feed our hungry stomach on the day. Later in the evening, we have taken the same Yurikamome the tyred train to return back to shimbashi.

Shimbashi is also a shopping area with huge underground shopping mall. I couldn’t spend much time over there due to lack of time. However having it my list to see. There were lots of other attractions in the Odaiba which are also appended in my list, soon I will write my travel experience on other attractions, hope to post pictures of them too.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, keep watching this space for more travel information on Japan. Mean while visit me at http://www.camera-friendly.com/

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