Saturday, October 14, 2006

Untitled Day

I have geared up today to test run my new Canon S3 IS camera. Hence decided to re-visit Odaiba. So from Shin-Ekota to Daimon traveled in the Oedo Line subway train and from there on a JR line landed in Shimbashi. But today I had taken the 800Yen daily pass in the Yorikamome, to discover new places in the yorikamome path.

Immediately after 3 stations I got down to walk on the Rainbow bridge, I forget to mention I had my pal Naveen with me. Its was real fun walking on top of the rainbow bridge, lots of photographs I have clicked standing on top of the Bay of Japan. It almost took 1 hour for me to cross the entire bridge. Later we landed in the Daiba, spent some times on the old fort kind of area, but I couldn’t ask anybody what is that. Then looking at some cool sight around passed another 2 hours.

We had decided to visit the whole stretch of Yorikamome, fortunately we could make it up. But when we had reached the Maritime Museum in odaiba it was almost 5:00PM, the closing time mentioned the board as 6:00PM hence without entering in to the museum, I have return back to the Daiba after taking few maritime photos from the shore side of Bay of Tokyo.

I had real nice opportunity today to utilize the new camera, I have taken night shots of the Rainbow bridge and good aerial snaps of surrounding from Rainbow Bridge. The mentioned pictures will be made available soon in and here also after a while.

Actually, I had the disposable batteries loaded in the camera but it was exhausted due to my extradinary use of the camera. I couldn’t buy a spare so, I was using Naveen’s S3 IS till the evening, later I barrowed his batteries and loaded on my camera to take the night shots. While leaving from the place I had returned his batteries so, my camera was left without power. On the way back to shinjiku I have picked up some Sony 2500 rechargable batteries and came home. Its put on the power source for charge, so after completing the charge I may be able to download the pictures to my laptop. Till then the blog will be without images. Take care.

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