Wednesday, October 11, 2006

“The Stop” – Roller Coaster Ride

Japan the technologist country not only on the Automobile and Electronics they also stand apart on the Entertainment segment. Fellow Indian I have not mentioned about movies as entertainment, that’s different ball game all together.

A fortnight back a team of Indians accompanied by a Japanese friend set the gear for an outing, where to go what to do etc are the questions rose on their mind. Being in Tokyo the nearest tourist sight is Mt. Fuji [Fujiyama]. A Hibernating Volcano, it’s been believed that The Great Kanto Earthquake 1923 is caused by movement of lava of Volcano. Additionally the hot-springs and volcanic islands in Japan is well-known for many years. Hence the team decided to get on to the car towards Mt.Fuji. But due to the lack of practice in mount climbing the guys decided to go to 5 Lakes area which is the shore of Mt.Fuji.

The team has taken a high-way which led us to five lakes area; it was a worse day as the highway was heavily jammed with the vehicles as it was on a national holiday. Many of the Japanese were rushed on the same line as the stretch includes many travel attractions. It almost took 3 hours 30 minutes to cross 30kms of distance, after a toll gate the traffic seems to be normal and the driver to push to accelerator to cross 100kms speed. Due to the delay caused by the traffic the guys have decided to drop in to some other location on the way which is nearby, hence the decision made for Fujikyu Highland referred as Fuji-Q highland. It was almost about 100kms from Tokyo and the toll system in Japan is really pathetic which can make anyone to go bankrupt, for 100kms ride the team paid nearly 9000yens as toll charge. Being a developed and rich country can’t the Japan government provide cheaper options for the citizens?

I was one of the members in the team Fuji-Q, Even before toughing the gates of Fuji-Q highland we could hear lots of screaming noise of people. We were excited to the see what makes them to scream, slowly we reached the car parking bay of the park. We had increased the Japanese head by one with a colleague of our guide. He came in a sexy Kawasaki cruiser bike. The team set to get inside the Fujikhyu Highland Park by getting the tickets for 1000yen as our Japanese friend already made alternate arrangements for ticket discounts, seems there are discount coupons which you can obtain from the internet.

As soon as entered into the park our eyes went red, ears stopped hearing, skin lost the sensational feeling and we went totally out of the world looking at the Giant Roller Coaster. We have somehow managed to return to the earth and started exploring the team park; I have spotted many coaster facilities of seven different types those are conventionally for thrill, speed, water sport, muscular exercise, kid’s fun, family ride and at last for incomparable experience. The park has also got a giant wheel and panic clock along with a mad and crazy wheel. Opps that day was full of fun mixed thrill. I was told that the Giant roller coaster is the world largest one and it was build 40 years back dated. Amazing implementation before 40 years and till now no one in the world has took over the place. Slowly I make up my mind to get on to the world number one roller coaster; the crew said the waiting time on the queue is 2 hours or more. Boy we can’t miss the opportunity lets wait another person urged. If you would have expect me to go waiting for long time, huh you gonna be wasting time, I replied and started walking towards the other facility.

But all other guys were set their mind to get on to the giant roller coaster. Myself and my Japanese friend who is slightly aged [I know he won’t like to be called old man] put our foot into the theme park. However being entered I wanted him to take me to the giant wheel which we could enter without queue. It took 15 minutes to complete one cycle in the wheel but not much fun expect the Arial view which really a amazing one covering the entire theme park with Mt.Fuji background.

We moved to another location which has written on a board as Tsunami. Initially it didn’t strike at my mine that this word originated from Japanese. We took our step forward to the shed which was straight against to another rollercoaster landing point where its slightly filled with water about 3ft deep. But the shed which we were in was some 12ft height. We were watching the coaster car returning from a elevated point to the landing area and touched the land almost from 75degree angle with full speed, WoW the water splashed from the car made an artificial tsunami which almost raised up to 25-30 ft height and we were sitting inside the glass made shed. I was aware that the water will not flash on my face but couldn’t control my sensation which made me to cover my face. It was really fun!

The park has also got another attraction which grabbed the Guinness Record for its thrill some hospital its called Horror Hospital. This hospital hosts the most disgusting anatomy operations in front of you. But with a artificial human bodies, some times it’s really difficult to make out its artificialness. Yak, many people spelled and for many others it’s a kind of scary feeling as you can see the blood splitting on everywhere.

Later we were walk towards another thrill filled roller coaster red in color; I think the name roller coaster is set considering this particular one. So much of dangerous curves and 90degree fall while your seat rotating upside down independently against the person sitting next to you. While your chair rotates 360degree, you wouldn’t have expected the entire car rolls upside down with maximum speed travel nearly 180kms speed like a spirals path. I could hear the people sound; however one who take this ride surely deserve it. I award him with stone hearted person title. It was clear they went near to the doors of death and came back without knocking it, the breaking system in the coaster is an amazing one, and I have seen it stopped with a creak sound from 100+ kilometer speed instantly.

Afterwards we joined with our friend who return from the world largest roller coaster ride, I could read the excitement that they had on the ride from their eyes. There were wordless to express their emotions. We finally return to our car and reached Tokyo after 3 hours of ride. Everybody got down on their respective train station, I was the last one to get down, soon after the last person’s station the car reached near to my apartment and I said Stop to the friendly driver.
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