Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Donkey on Duty

Working abroad looks fancy to some people, but the actual comparison between money and compromise always makes the one who works onsite a donkey on duty.

Till couple of years ago an Indian working abroad always meant for those who work in gulf or Singapore on a labor contract or a driver. In occasional cases doctors working in Western countries. There was not much information about their lifestyle and facilities that they enjoy onsite. However the alcohol bottles that they bring in every time was an attraction and considered always a symbol of their livelihood. Everything started changing the way Indians look at onsite opportunity in the recent past, as being an IT nation many Indians travel left to right across the globe. I could say proudly no country will say they need no Indian.

IT itself started to enable stronger communication between the geographical barriers and made the world a fenceless living place. Now looking at the lifestyle of any Non Resident Indian is easy and like seeing through window next to your house. The income of NRI is always considered to be high a decade past. Today the scenario is changed; we get almost the same allowances and the salary of a developed nation. Sometimes the cost of living is slightly lesser than those of foreign countries. That makes sense for NRIs to look back. In my visit to United states and Japan, have seen many top engineers struggling a lot in those countries.

Photo JournalismHaving committed with lots of family wealth issues, during late 90s many engineers flew to various countries for correcting their Y2K problems on their systems and applications. They were paid high salary than anybody, soon after year 2000 the scenario changed as a matter of fact the word “sacking” is commonly heard in developed nation. This reflected very badly to our engineer who carried lots of dream on their back head. Because those organizations in the developed nations found no use for our engineers after the issue Y2K solved. As an individual who had created a rich man image in the home country our people couldn’t have the transparency to express their issues to the family at home.

Looking at the after effects of Year 2000 was really bad and in the areas of dark. I used stay in Norcross area of Georgia State near Atlanta. This is one of the India living or foreigners living area of United States, you can see Mexicans, Chineese and Indian widely over there. I used to visit a gas station [Petrol bunk] near to my office in Norcross on gimmy carter blvd., the reason to visit the gas station to fill my car’s tank and having some time discussing with the Indian working in the gas station. He became a friend of mine and I found him really skillful in all the aspects of discussion. But I never asked him what his qualification etc was. One day during a discussion he opened up his mind it was shocking news to me though I understand he was holding a “Bachelor of Engineering” graduation from one of the premier institute in south India.

Poor guy he was victim of Y2K, but to hide the family with his problem he works in 2-3 places forgetting all his hard earned skills as donkey on duty to clean and serve the people of developed nation.

That’s not all, in many cases even I have spotted myself many managers or the colleges of mine have that impression that Indians are meant for just fulfilling their professional work requirement, not for social mix. If you could dig up the Internet you will see even the personal ads. Highlight of demanding no Indian as friend, but you can see requirement for Indian Engineers.

Visiting abroad may bring money as a compensation for your skills or your serving nature, but taking the cushion that we have in our home country as enjoying freedom of speech, love and affection with our friends and family will never get compensated for the BIG $ sign. Moreover the Rs. What you get in India is sufficient enough for you to live healthy and wealthy now a day. Hence I feel be a master in your own country than being a Donkey on Duty at foreign doors.

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