Thursday, October 12, 2006


I have been the user of internet right from the day when India’s first Internet Browsing center opened in 1996. To say the truth I learned many of my System skills over the internet, there are plenty of opportunity to one who loves to do new things; let it be technology, art, fun or business it could be used in all forms.

As I have been using the internet for more than a decade now, I have seen several upgrades world over on the WWW. There was lots of cost cut in the internet bandwidth packages boomed the community grows much faster than any other industry in the world. This change has been properly utilized by the lost glory country India. This country is standing tall among all other countries in the world as IT supreme power. From my experience in the very initial days the internet has been offered to the Indian community with two classifications, one is student shell account and commercial TCP/IP account. While with student account one can browse the internet with text based browsers and read mail with mutt and pine. Days moved the Internet cafes [Browsing parlors] were opened like mushrooms after rain. The hourly charges in browsing parlors down faced its fees from Rs.160/- to Rs.10/-. Internet became an essential for life kind of attribute for the world; I think it’s now hard to even think without email and web. Including me, there will be many ITians who will sit without job if something of this sort happen. Thank God, Internet takes a new shape in a positive angle every day.

During 2000 year, the .com boom came to an end shaking the entire globe to look back their decision on Internet based business investment. But soon it could recover to its normal state and now it’s been officially authorized by many countries as an industry rather. There were changes in the technology which carries the Internet packets from host to host in a wide spectrum ADSL, Dial-up, Radio Frequency Link, Leased Line, IPLS, and VPN etc. Not only on the carriers also had the front end started from black screen shell account to any possible graphical interface that today we use. Lots of customized user interface to behave friendly with the user community.

It doesn’t stop in the design also on the functionality that we were never dreamed of getting free. Yes, Calendar to schedule our tasks, Albums to share the pictures, bloggers to act a person/public diary [I’m just thinking if there is no blogger, how much money we would have been spending on publishing our own thoughts to the public], multiple forms of chat ranging from text to voice making the communication even more easier, flagship utilities like email and web, search engines to crawl the world in lesser than a second, news updates from anywhere in the world, business quote and comparisons, company, product, commodity information, weather forecasting, audio and video broadcasting ….. Wait let me take a break! Opps. too much of to list.
Like I said before the break J we enjoy all forms of world convenient option under a single umbrella called Internet. I think this is one of the largest democratic movements in the world, I comment on Microsoft where my friend wrote his first software which was released under GPL. We may raise voice even against a president of another country when he takes a move which may affect another person. We write everything that we wanted to express, we defend anybody in the world who seems to be making noise. There is no one called owner or master, and nobody called labor in fact internet also has communist culture. We may think of naming this sort as Democommu where there is a blend of democracy and communism. Politics are healthy; people are wealthy more than that Internet makes peace all over the world as nobody needs to fight for anything. No superior and no inferior all are equal and have equal opportunity and responsibility. Who made this wonderful world which has been expected by the human for a long while, Is it God or a man who carries a name and address? It is the unity of the people by adding their skills in some corner of the net Internet.
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