Thursday, October 05, 2006

Indian off-road Community

Looking at the internet found lots of western people's passion to drive a vehicle that can run on a terrain which is not a common place for riding a vehicle. What is the fun in it? Is it a real joy to add spice into our free time? Lots of questions raised in the mind. However Indians are also not exceptional for that matter. They do go crazy about the vehicle which is meant for all terrains.

Off-road capable vehicles are normally referred as 4WD [Four Wheel Drive] or 4x4 vehicles. What makes the different, though I’m not too sound in the actual automobile terms but in a lay mans word a vehicle which can accelerate or rotate all its wheels with the engine power. Which means driving the vehicle in any conditioned path is not so tough or its not an impossible task.
There is a club which originated from Chennai and founded by three youths who were searching for feed to their passion the thrill. Though in India the off-roading capable vehicles are common sight and as the normal roads are like a rocky terrain not many people have thought of specialization on the off-roading capability.

There comes the club which accumulates many people of same interest to drive their off-road capable Jeeps [Well known and used from World War II time off-road vehicle] in the muddy, sandy, rocky and ofcourse on the roads. The club is called JEEP THRILLS; nearly about 200+ people around India are proud members of the club. In this club they organize off-roading events in monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The annual events are like a festival for those who enjoy riding a vehicle like no one. There is not only trips also lots of technical discussions on their own forum called and a yahoo group called

Your eyes will go surprise to see their off-roading events, as I could spot many World War II time jeeps are still in action without any major modifications. Not like other western countries re-storing a Jeep with replica spares, here they still use the old spares the original parts of those days in their vehicles. Is that what all about their technical discussion? No way, there are lots of stuffs right from military actions to sharing information on the most recent Scorpios. The guys in here are really superior in their technical knowledge of an off-roading vehicle. There are some people who travel to Himalyan vally of Kashmir with their 1940s Jeep. There are event which conducted off-roading into 170kms length of long river bed, nevertheless to say they stand forehead to any other club of this sort in the world.

There is a warm welcome given to the new comers, the people here enjoy being called a Jeep Community. There are good suggestion, debates and some times even jeep transaction which boost the fellow jeepers dream to come true. All I can say is that for them the “Jeep Thrills” really!

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