Friday, October 13, 2006

Freebie marketing

Alright today I have chosen to talk about the popular marketing technology around the world called freebie marketing. But it will be on the view of Japan’s freebie marketing techniques.

Normally a consumer goods [B2C - Business to Customer] company chooses to market it’s product to the end-user via various marketing activities. Especially offering freebies along with the new product or offering non-competitive friendly product as a freebie along with a non-moving item is a common seen. There is another way of marketing is that road shows that will be conducted on a exhibition or another privately organized presentation. While it is in the public crowded areas like exhibition to attract the crowd sometimes the product companies used to hire beautiful females to do their product marketing. By this way the company achieves good mileage on the product brand promotion.

Brand promotion and product marketing are in the parallel lines encouraging each growth by other. But it’s hard to see these brand promotion beauties come on the road to distribute the products for the companies. Well, I said hard but didn’t say impossible. This means the hard things are easy here in Japan. If it sounds biased let me tell you that the easy things are very hard here too!  hope that makes sense now.

I used to be always spending my free time either in Akihabara or Shinjiku areas, you know Shinjiku is a downtown area and Akihabara is an electronic town. Have seen many girls doing the freebie distributions [No wonder why so much crowded these places are]. When a person like me who can’t speak to any neighboring person will definitely interested in looking at beautiful objects. Here the objects are the freebie marketers [Young and beautiful girls]. Oh boy, here comes the actual content.

In Japan the freebie and brand marketing are most of the time in a same line instead of parallel. Freebies are also considered to be as part of major marketing strategy here. So the young model even stands in the roadside to distribute freebies to the crowd. Some time you can get chance to see a girl distribution facial tissues to promote DVD movies. I have no idea what is the relation on these products. In some cases you will get to see these people distributing tin packed coffees for promoting a cool drink company.

I have seen several times here, the boys are interested in getting email ids of these girls to make a start for new relationship [Freebie marketing worked out for life partner marketing]. Freebie marketing will also makes the actual product sales getting skyrocketing here. One of my friends used to refer these marketing techniques are really worked out well to him and has massive exposure on the product sales as a result.

However freebies in developing nations are consider to be issued with a purchase of another good. Which means, to get a freebie you will be entrusted to make a sale contract for another good. But freebies are really freebies here, no strings attached. Here the product promotions work post freebie method that who gives more freebie gets most popularity of their brand. In any case all over the world the customers like freebies.

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