Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shake shake shake

Do you think I’m going to write about hip-hops here today? Nope let me not encourage that at this time. However I will write about it in the future after visiting Roppongi. But what is that convinced me of writing today’s blog is that Earth Quake.

Except one incident in my whole 29years of life in India, earthquake is not so easy to accept thing for me. But today’s scenario of earthquake in Tokyo has changed my mind to ignore to an extent about the scary feeling that we always had, It's still not out of danger but I’m getting used of it.
It was second week after I started working in my office in Tennoz at 14th floor; I was in a discussion with my co-worker on some technical study. I felt like somebody hitting the chair from back bottom portion. Turned real quick to see who is that, but before my head took the turn to see behind my chair I felt like the entire building was in a shake and continued to shake, a panic handshake me and a very strange experience. There was a dark line of scare just attached in my face; I got the dews of sweat on my face in a second. My muscle started loosing its tension, so many things in my mind popped up. Will I stay alive? I can’t use lift but running on the steps is also ruled out since I’m in 14th floor, how will I secure my family? The thoughts in my mind started moving on its peak speed, the blood pressure increased and I could feel the heat my body cells generated in a short duration of time. But my co-worker [Japanese] who was sitting with me in the discussion did not even bother about the shake, he continued to speak what he wanted to convey. It was a surprise to me, but couldn’t digest to hear that these shakes would happen in a regular interval. The Japanese co-worker was amused by looking at my fear, and said “no problem”.

My hands fired the phrase google.com in the browser and started searching the earth quake related information of Japan. There were many articles with much more information on the regular earthquake details. A history of Kanto Earth Quake which shook the Tokyo by year 1923 and made the death toll to 1,20,000 innocent people and a great loss of property and infrastructure. All of my reading caused my mind to rethink on the decision of my stay in Japan for long time. My colleague was given me a lecture “even if you sleep at home you are not safe, then why you should worry about earthquake? Don’t you see many people stay in Tokyo and used of the earthquakes. You will also be like that after a while spending time in here. Take it easy my friend”. But I couldn’t accept it that easily, as reducing risks on life is important to me on these days.

The Time started taking its swing, seen few minor earthquakes within couple of weeks after the first one. My continued search of earthquake information updated me with the knowledge that the Japanese constructions are normally planned to withstand 6-7 points of Richter scale of earthquake. The older buildings are at least 5-6 points of Richter scale level. But what if there is a higher scale of earthquake? God knows the future. I won’t be able to guess whether I will be in the 14th floor of office or 2nd floor of my apartment or on the 300ft underground subway train or in the roads. But there is a danger alert always hanging on my face. In the very recent day of October, an early morning about 6:30am my steel cot had a shake I was in deep morning sleep and felt like swinging. All of sudden I got the conscious and made myself into alert mode. It was again a bit major shake after the first one I had faced in my office about 2months ago. But this time my expressions are not that bad as the initial one. In between the first and the recent earthquake there were quite a few experience of smaller scale tremors. Inside my mind actually I’m feeling uneasy in my daily life, I’m still really terrified of the tremors of Tokyo.

Immediately after few seconds of earth quake here in Japan, you can see the earthquake technical data in the TV, on your mobile browser and other channels. The Japanese way of measuring earth quake is mostly not the Richter scale model, they use a Japanese scale called “Shindo”, and unlike Richter Magnitude scale the shindo scale refers the intensity of earthquake at a given location. If you are a person interested in knowing more on the Shindo scale I suggest please search on Google to get more information. The scientific facts are stating that Tokyo may have a larger scale earthquake in the near future considering the past cycle history of earthquakes in Japan. The reason for Japan having many smaller and larger earthquakes every day in some places are because of the several continental and oceanic plates of earth meets at this geographical area. These plates said to be moving everyday slowly due to the circular rotation of the earth. This nature of earth plate movement resulted in crashing one on other that explods as Earthquake. When an Earthquake happens near or on the ocean it can trigger Tsunami[Word tsunami is orginated from Japanese language for big wave] the Tidal wave. I still remember the recent Tsunami hit in India due to the earthquake of Indonesia caused loosing of hundred thousand people life. Not only Tsunami and Earthquake also the Volcano, though there were several huge sized volcano present in Japan at present not many are active. The largest one called Mt. Fuji is hybernating and Japanese are also considering the Mt. Fuji as their goddess and even have temple for Fujiyama. The volcano results not only a threat also a number of beatiful Hot springs to Japan.

Now a days after learning many information on Earthquake, started myself adhering the safety precaution during the earthquake. Those are like not to run over the streets, hiding our self under a table and caution to any sharp or heavy objects fall on us etc.

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