Monday, October 23, 2006

Tennoz Parkside Window

Cluster of taller buildings, sideway water canals, neatly dressed office goers, mono rail station are the attraction of Tennoz Isle. A location in Shinakawa ku, a place I work :-), As usual we have landed in then Tennoz Parkside building in the opposite side of the mono rail station. All these buildings are interconnected with overhead bridges from the station, so never see the black roads while walking down to my office from the station. In general tennoz is a busiest place in Tokyo, has a good landscaping of lots of Bay of Tokyo.

Today we reached little late due to some official schedule for the night work. But I was the only person to go late, everybody was involved in their work, I know its time for them to take a break. Siva san [The word san will be attached to all the conversation while mentioning a person's name, San means a respectful or a title word like Mr. Mrs. Ms. in English], come for a smoke… A colleague of mine called me affectionately. Do I accept the offer to go along with or should I say that for the past couple of days I stopped smoking. Hey that’s a news I have stopped smoking for the past 1 week. No, nothing enlightened me to stop smoking, but I’m taking a trail of my own mind control. But I feel quitting the smoke habit is not that tough now, but is it possible for me to forget the window where we [me and my colleagues] used watch the most matured modern attractions of Japan in a single sight.

Yes, I’m talking about a window not made of Microsoft one made by civil workers, this is the window which shows all the most modern infrastructures of Japan just in a single sight. For the past 2 months, I have spent enough time in this window looking at the outside world during the business hour; there is no breeze that passes through the window. It’s a glass filled an elevated fixture in the 14th floor of my office. In Japan most of the offices provides Vending machines that provides the Japanese famous Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate drink and soft drinks with yen tags attached and some without tags. Adjacent to this vending machine, one can always find a Smoking area to call for the smokers. I think the most number of smokers are found in Japan, Many Japanese of both gender smoke regularly and I have seen several chain smokers too. The Window which I was talking about is one in that sort hosting the smoker’s area for my company. Through this I have discovered the technical information how the Tokyo Monorail floating on its concrete rails, I admired the Shinkansen with its most faster speeds, Wondered the organization of Local flights landings to Haneda Airport, seen the ships touching the decks in the Harbor some times the giant ships taking U turn at the bay of Tokyo, Distance view of Fuji TV building, and the Odaiba island, the Rainbow bridge, Tunnel road exhaust of Bay of Tokyo, Modern Roads with ultra modern automobile passing on, Crystal Lady cruiser boat, Asahi Neon site, Tennoz station and the three buildings of CitiGroup, Seafort and JTB, the worlds second largest Ferris Wheel in Odaiba with its colorful lighting in the evening and the Tokyo garbage house and finally the night sky of Tokyo south. Opps, this is enough there are many more I have seen over the window, this is the window provide all this in one sight. This is not a paid observatory not a tourist attraction but in my own office where we used to smoke.

All of the attractions of the window came in a fraction of a second before I decline the proposal from my colleague to go for a smoke. However my mind is still stable hence politely told him, “oh not now have some work to do, I’m sorry buddy”. But later he left the place; I recalled my own wish to take a picture of this window and the world outside the window and carried the tiny mobile phone camera to have a try with the window. Oh boy here comes the no so clear picture of what I was telling you all about. however due to the smaller wide angle capacity of the mobile phone I couldn't show all the attraction at single picture. I have just taken a picture which can be shown here with a minimal area of outside world that I see and enjoy daily. Look at this picture a monorail passing on while my favorite Crystal Yatch Club's boat floating on the water. Also in the distance spot the Harbor, the Odaiba island's buildings and shinkansen track but when I clicked the shot there was no train passing on . Thanks once again to the technology for make my desired wishes always on its path to reality.

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