Friday, October 06, 2006

Wild-life in Modern Nation

Shinkansen "the Bullet Train", many underground subway trains, various types of Monorails and ofcourse the ordinary trains handshaking with the ultra modern road travel facilities.

Lots of luxury cars, cruiser bikes, automated buses, air travel, and earth quake resist buildings, neat and clean water resources, cousins on the sea, electronic city, illuminated neon shows competing with latest laser tricks and ultra modern people attracting the visitors in all forms.

Kimonos, Sumo fighters, Shinto shrines, Pagodas and Ninjas to add some cultural spice along with above stated modern features of a human life in Japan. A country with minimal livable area of few islands, surrounded by various sizes of volcano, frequent earth quakes and originators of the “Tsunami” where the nature is almost against to the people in all form, still Camera Friendly Objects - WildlifeJapanese shined to live most attractive and wealthy of man kind.

What about other creatures of this attractive island or what about the wildlife in here, do they still exist? Visitors to this country will have chance to spot them here, if not the fellow creature of this islands what about alien creatures? A sort of thought that always popup to a nature lover’s mind. What I had heard is that Japan shares the space with 500+ spices of birds with many other wild animals. Unfortunately A visitor can freely see only the Crows, Pigeons, Cranes and some sparrows along with Pet dogs and cats. They claim the density of all the spices is really less... I think we should start counting with fingers :-). Probably man started destroying the space allotted for the wildlife caused the reason for the natures angry against human in this island.

Whatever, their so called zoos are attractions to the humans but with a constraint to animals for space [Major problem for both humans and other livings]. I was visiting the Ueno Park recently the Giant Pandas are put into prison of concrete floor. A polo bear lives in artificial pole of the earth; he has a waterfall to enjoy.

Red Flamingo lives in a cage where they could never fly in their life span along with another individual. See the pictures.

However, the people need some way of seeing their counterpart of wildlife representatives. Ueno park is one of the oldest Zoological park in Japan with lots of animals, the most attraction to me is the Dark world animals in its great cage with no lights for them to stay dark. Somehow you got to see them as the size of cages will be single digit dimension of feet measuring.
There seems to be aquariums of larger sized with tons of water capacity where you can visit the oceanic friends from bottom of the tank via. Fencing made of pressure proof Glass material. I wish I will visit them once to write more, however its another modern life for wild animals. A true Nation for modern facilities organized for both Humans and Non-Humans. Welcome Japan!
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