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System Administrators

Being a System personal with 9+ years of experience in System Integration services, I always wish speak on my posting in various blogs on topics related to people. Hence this blog here is also the same nature“The System Administrators"

Yes, over the years I have seen many of my friends, colleagues and the employees who have interviewed by me from System Administration Background. These profiles basically classified into Opensource or Unix based System administrators and Microsoft System Administrators.

What is the different in between the above said two classifications is the big question, in my view The Unix guys are Nuts and Bolt Administrators type. Who are normally wished to know the internals and more of analysis oriented guys. Who are always wanted to dig into the core of an issue and find fixes in crisis time. In the other hand I wanted to see the Microsoft Administrator who are normally put their hands on the Famous Windows platform as Fancy Administrators. They do solve and make the environment fixed for problems but when it comes out of their boundary, they normally stuck saying I need more time. I normally raise a question in my mind “Are these fancy administrators really able to run Enterprise class systems?” If you deeply think into the fact, the answer would be “No”. This is because the nature of their view point is always looking at the Next, Next and Finish buttons without knowing what and how things are happening behind these buttons. They way they look at issue are fancy and fun! But when there is a time like malicious code, Trojan horse, Worm or Virus spread inside the network these fancy people go in Shinkansen to escape out from the time.

Look at the Nuts and Bolt type, they normally prevent even before things spread to damage the resources. Because they learn to live with $ prompt, the dark part of a system where things really happen. Ask them what makes them to solve issues faster instead of waiting for a third party to give them a fix, they always say its simple because I changed a parameter in the system which makes a rollout for the issue.

In many cases knowledge of Fancy and Nuts & Bolt type administrators are in the opposite direction serving various functionalities to the corporation. I see they both end-up solving issues and problem but the time matters. Also the money which cost to the enterprise to get the right Fancy administrator for Messaging, Directory, Web and Collaboration services are really a fortune. Because the fancy guys always have an internal classifications on themselves for each of the services running in the system.

I take the Nuts and Bolt type as positive approach guys because many of them normally be able to handle any service that runs on their box. They learn fast because their configurations are written in ASCII text formatted files. They edit the configuration directly instead of going through a fancy next, next and finish screens. Although I say they are good but some times the Nuts and Bolt administrators too bound to make mistakes, this normally a typo on the configuration files. But I have seen them fixing it as faster as they could do.

Did I say that the fancy guys are not good totally, if my blogs seems to be looking like that, please ignore the image that my blog created. The tolerance capacity of a Fancy administrator is always on the higher side looking at the system when it attacked by some of the vulnerable code. They keep smiling making the people aware they are no use to cure it.

Are the Nuts and Bolt administrators are personally Bold all the time? Answer for this question is most of the time No. Because of their nature they keep things in dark and place where other can’t imagine a place where nobody wanted to see. This makes them stand apart from the normal or fancy administrators.

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